Private Instruction

Private Instruction Available

Theater Private InstructionOur Private Instruction program provides students who show the most advancement with extra one-on-one time working on their craft. Center Stage offers individualized lessons in the areas of dance, vocal training, acting and piano.

Our private instructors are also the directors for the shows, which means children have a built-in comfort level with these teachers that often leads to enhanced learning. Center Stage will be offering a rewards program focused on bringing private instruction to more students. Students who regularly attend private lessons will also have opportunities throughout the year to be featured at events in the community, as a part of Center Stage.

Audition Prep

Whether a student is trying out for a regional school of the arts, auditioning for college or even preparing for an on-camera audition, Center Stage is here to help. Our Creative Director and staff have helped dozens of students achieve their desired objective by providing guidance on selection of materials, preparation of monologues, Q&A, role play and more. Audition prep is typically offered in a one-on-one setting, however, there will also be group workshops that take place in Jan/Feb.