Day: September 16, 2014

Think Fast!

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Improv for Kids on Saturdays at 11am is a great way for kids to unleash their imagination and play.  From word games to acting out scenarios, this class is great for ages 7+.  Just $20 per class!  Sign up HERE.


Frozen Classes Starting!

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What better way to say goodbye to summer than with our “Frozen” class!  Join us for a musical tribute to the show that’s captured the hearts of young and old alike.  Class begins Weds. 9/17.  Can’t make it?  Join our 2nd class which begins Mon. 10/6.  These classes run for multiple weeks and end with a show for family and friends.  Class times are 3:30pm to 5:00pm once per week.  This class is perfect for kids ages 5 to 12!